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Inner Strength, Protection… and Style

Onyx gemstone necklace by Gems In Style. 925 Silver, Rhodium plating

From ancient to modern times, the world holds a unique consensus about Onyx properties and meaning. This gem is believed to have an outstanding ability to build inner strength, connect to courage, eliminate fears and shield the mind and body from negative energies. The ancient Roman soldiers carried Onyx amulets during battles. Today that is just good enough to consider a piece of Onyx jewellery as a great talisman.

What makes Onyx such a powerful stone? If you take a moment and look through its silky black lustre you may feel certain grounding and density in your body. This is because Onyx connects you to your Base or Root chakra, the metaphysical centre that anchors spirit in the body. All other benefits just naturally follow from there: self-confidence, endurance, mental and physical strength. It is like your foundation which helps you to stay focused and motivated and connects to your personal powerhouse.

But there is much more to it. One simply cannot underestimate the beauty of Black Onyx when it comes to sophisticated style. Just like a little black dress that is perfect for any occasion, Black Onyx jewellery goes well with everything and anywhere. Elegant, minimalistic yet refined, nothing can go wrong if you choose to wear Black Onyx.

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Onyx is Your Best Business Companion. Jewellery with Onyx gemstone works the best when it comes to any business related activities. It grounds your spirit, you look and feel confident and elegant. How to enrich Onyx power with the symbolism of geometry to create an influence - read more on our blog Geometric Jewellery - Your Active Force

Onyx gemstone necklace by Gems In Style. Dancing Orbit collection. 925 Silver, Rhodium plating. Onyx gemstone necklace by Gems In Style. 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium plating. Minimalist geometric jewellery. Double Agent necklace with Onyx by Gems In Style. 925 Silver, Rhodium plating.