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Manifest your ideal bracelet.

Each gemstone is a unique gift of Mother Earth. Simple and powerful, meaningful and elegant Crystal Code collection is made to help connect you to the enchanting beauty of natural gemstones, and more importantly to yourself. Choose your crystal power and we will manifest your ideal bracelet.



The only native white gemstone used in jewellery, Howlite looks classy, organically compliments any colour and goes well with any outfit. But there is another, much deeper reason why we feel attracted to this gem. Howlite is associated with Crown chakra (mind and thoughts) and known for its ability to calm and de-stress overactive mind and bring clarity to your thoughts. Howlite exudes a simple yet sophisticated beauty, a freshness out of this world. It's a perfect companion to move through your busy days and stressful work environment. It can help you stay centred and self-aware regardless of external distractions.


  • Gemstone: Howlite, beads 10mm and 6mm diameter
  • Two Gems In Style silver beads: 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating  
  • Durable stretch cord for comfortable wear
  • Customised size, we will make it for you to fit your wrist
  • Comes in Gems In Style jewellery box

Learn more about Howlite, the gemstone of Purity and Harmony

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST for the Crystal Code bracelet:

  1. Take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it below your wrist bone – this is your wrist size.
  2. On this page notice the “Size” dropdown menu right above the red “Add to Cart” button. Use that dropdown to select a wrist size closest to your measurement.
  3. If you cannot find your exact wrist size among available options please choose the CUSTOMISED option and provide your measurements in the comment field at the checkout. We will accommodate your request.

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Learn more about Howlite, the gemstone of Purity and Harmony

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