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Lara Gems, Founder of GEMS IN STYLE - Australian Gemstone Jewellery Brand

If you are here, perhaps you are in love with the beauty of natural gemstones or you are a jewellery enthusiast. Or maybe both: it really matters to you what your jewellery is made of yet you don’t want to compromise on style. Modern elegant accessories that go equally well with your business, smart casual or even weekend look, that’s what you are after. And how about meaningful gifts that not only look sophisticated but also pass a good vibe? Are you looking for one right now?

If this is you, we have so much in common. I’ve been there and this is why and how I have created Gems In Style – the jewellery brand that celebrates Earth’s Treasures in style – contemporary elegant and minimalist .

A very personal story about Passion, Gems and Geometry

Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones, Malachite, Citrine, Moss Agate, Howlite.

Gems are my biggest passion. Semi-precious stones like Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Larimar, Labradorite, Howlite, Onyx, Opal, Agate and many other beauties. It means the world to me!

Think of how many thousands of years the Earth was ‘cooking’ these gemstones and then for maybe another million years these treasures were waiting to be found!  Extreme pressure, heat, water, complex geological processes and now we have all these captivating colours, textures and crazy patterns. All natural, no man's hand involved, not a single pattern is the same. Mother Nature is a pretty wild artist! This is what really fascinates me and what I want to share with you.

Now you may ask me “Lara, but what about geometry?” Well, this is where the story of the brand gets really personal.

I have always loved maths and geometry for their magical ability to bring complexity to just one formula. This affection made me earn a bachelor degree in Mathematics in Moscow, where I was born. Surprisingly, later on, I landed in a corporate world working in Marketing and Communications for the big beauty brands and moved to Australia. I loved my job for the constant creative challenge and diversity! Perhaps I loved it too much: my colleagues in Sydney would always tell me, “Lara, you are so passionate about your job”. They used to say it so often that eventually it made me question myself “OK, what is it exactly I am passionate about? What if tomorrow I could have the total freedom to do anything I wanted to. What would I do?”

From Corporate Marketing to a Jewellery Designer

Malachite necklace by Gems In Style, 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold plating. Modern Minimalist Gemstone Jewellery.

One beautiful summer weekend in a lovely Sydney shop I was hunting for new semi-precious stones for my gem collection. I also had a hope to buy a necklace with a natural stone for my office wardrobe and that was the trick. After two hours of gazing at displays, I still could not find ‘the right’ design according to my taste: clean lines, simple geometry, contemporary elegant with the high production quality. It was one of my countless attempts and I started to feel a bit frustrated. Everything felt to me like an ‘old school’ and way too traditional. It was not me.

Next day I had my aha moment that changed my career: If I can’t find it, I will make it. I will bring gems, jewellery and clear geometry together on my conditions.

Gems In Style was born out of my passion for gemstones, design and personal quest for sophisticated minimalist jewellery that makes a subtle and authentic statement. Jewellery with natural gemstones that you are confident to wear from a demanding business environment to more casual occasions, and every time it will splash your outfit with an elegant, unique and a hint of unconventional modern charm.

Welcome to Gems In Style!

Gemstone jewellery by Gems In Style, Athena Aegis collection, 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium or 14K Gold plating. Malachite, Howlite, Agate

Let us share with you the beauty of natural gems, shining silver and simple geometry. Let's make it personal. Let's make it fun!

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Let's Find Your Style. Your Statement. Your Gems.

Lara Gems,
Founder and Creative Director at Gems In Style