Starring Ingredients

Natural Gemstones  •  925 Sterling Silver  •  14K Gold Plating  •  Gems In Style Design Studio

Gemstones – the heart of the brand

At the heart of each Gems In Style jewellery piece, you will find a carefully selected, hand-cut and polished natural gemstone. We don’t use synthetic or reconstructed gems, our passion is to bring you natural beauty and unique energy embedded into each semi-precious stone or mineral. Colours, patterns, textures and subtle natural inclusions may slightly vary even within the same type of the stone and this is what makes your jewellery one of the kind.

We invite you to explore the captivating beauty, unique personality and vibrant energy that natural gems are ready to share with you. Find our Gemstone Guide here. 


925 Sterling Silver – timeless spell and splendour

Since very first chapters of human civilisation, silver has been highly valued for its beauty and antibacterial properties. All Gems In Style pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver - the quality standard for fine jewellery. To protect your jewellery against tarnish and scratches, silver is plated with Rhodium: naturally hypoallergenic, silvery-white, rare noble metal, a member of the platinum group.

Enjoy the long lasting beauty of our highly polished rhodium plated Sterling Silver, tarnish and allergy proof, lead and nickel free.

14K Gold Plating – genuine and durable 


What if you belong to a ‘warm’ colour type and gold hues work better for you? Almost all our designs have variations with 14K Gold Plating. Fine 925 Sterling Silver plated with a layer of genuine 14K Yellow or Rose Gold will allow you to enjoy the divine beauty of this metal to its fullest.


Gems In Style – a new take on jewellery

Let’s get inside of our Sydney Design Studio – the place where artistic cosmopolitan flair meets the technology. Every step of our design process from sketches to 3D computer modelling and then 3D printing is fueled by the constant quest for new ideas and perfection expressed with modern and minimalistic language.

While creating our statement pieces we keep YOUR DAY in mind. Wherever it can take you we’ve got you covered. That is why we go an extra mile to happily marry the style with functionality. If the pendant has two sides why should one be called 'back'? Let's make both sides 'front' and even more... Let's make each side different and have a 2-in-1 necklace! Simply flip the pendant on the go and get a new look. If you like this idea check out our double-sided collections, they are a game changer. And a cherry on top: chain length of all our necklaces is highly adjustable and decorated with Gems In Style signature: an elegant mini charm with our logo.

Read the founder story of how Gems In Style brand was born.

Your Gems, Your Personality, Your Style.

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