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Lapis Lazuli  •  Pink Opal  •  Onyx  •  Howlite  •  Rutilated Quartz  •  Larimar  •  Labradorite
Dancing Orbit necklace with Larimar Gemstone 
Lapis Lazuli  •  Pink Opal  •  Onyx  •  Howlite  •  Rutilated Quartz  •  Larimar  •  Labradorite

How to Connect with Gemstones

Go above and beyond and have fun!

When you just met a person, you form the first impression in a matter of seconds. Is it enough to make a judgement based on first sight? But wait a minute, we don’t just see the person, we also feel something, yet not necessarily realise it. With some people you may have that instant ‘click’ that makes you feel like you have something in common or you may simply be drawn to their personality. And here is the thing: there is always a good reason for that.

Lapis Lazuli and Citrine gemstones

The same happens with gemstones. Each of them has a ‘character’ and ‘individuality’. And if you want to see more, just use the same approach: go with your first impression. Colour, pattern, texture – whatever pulls your attention – follow your guts. Silence your mind and see what comes next. Look at the stone as if it would be a person in front of you. How would you describe this person (pardon, the stone)? Sounds weird to you? But it is just easier this way to learn how to see above and beyond and find out more – not just about the stone, but first of all about yourself.

Lapis Lazuli and Pink Opal gemstones. Dancing Orbit collection by Gems In Style JewelleryThis may bring you lots of fun! One gemstone can make you feel safe and cosy as it would be a close and caring friend in front of you, another may look like the starry night sky and remind you of a smart person with a sharp mind. Gazing at the next stone can bring you a peaceful feeling in a matter of seconds. After a while, you may realise that the stone which first pulled your attention, has a ‘personality’ similar to yours (let’s say, sharp mind) or, the opposite, it may show the qualities that you are lacking and may want to introduce into your life (for example, learn to relax). Just like with people, we ‘click’ with similar or attracted to the opposite.

Peridot and Malachite gemstones

There is no right or wrong impression. It is your impression and therefore it is right. If gazing at a certain gemstone makes you feel peaceful (or enthusiastic, or inspires your creativity), that is your resonance with the energy of the stone and your personal relationship with this beautiful mineral. This is how you can build many wonderful friendships: one stone may become your ‘best friend’, others may form your 'support team'. Rest assured, this is going to be a great journey. Enjoy it!

Gemstone Colour Guide - the Rainbow of Power.

Coloured Gemstones


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