Pink Opal Gemstone – a True Celestial Candy

by Lara Gems April 18, 2019

Pink Opal Gemstone Jewellery by Gems In Style

Delicate, elegant, unapologetically lovable, Pink Opal has it all. This gemstone generously shares with us its sophisticated, yet very youthful charm.

If you are lucky to own a jewellery piece with a good quality Pink Opal, you are more likely to feel loved and cherished every day you wear it.

See for yourself, simply look through its milky blush pink opalescence and feel joy landing in your heart in a matter of seconds. So what is Pink Opal? Here is what exactly makes it special and so lovable…

Pink Opal and Colour Psychology

Before we even move to Pink Opal’s geological marvels and astrological insights, let’s acknowledge a very obvious fact — blush pink is simply a very adorable colour — not too pink, not too girly, blush pink is just the right pink. Subtle fine hues of Pink Opal gemstone look sophisticated and not overpowering. Blush pink goes well with so many colours in your wardrobe and unavoidably makes Pink Opal jewellery your best friend. But there is more to it…

Pink Opal Colour Palette

Colour psychology states that blush pink has a very calming and harmonising effect and associated with tenderness, love — especially gentle, nurturing type of love — innocence and optimism. It perfectly expresses the feminine principle.

It comes as no surprise that in the world of minerals pink gemstones are believed to attract love, evoke compassion, kindness and self-acceptance. No wonder they are considered to be a great help when one needs to open and heal their heart — the Heart Chakra.

Pink Opal and Geological Wonders

Water is life! It gives birth, nurtures and rejuvenates, organic life is not even possible without water. But what about the non-organic world? Can a rock contain water? Yes, it can if it’s an opal. However, it will take about 5 to 6 million years to make 1 cm of opal gemstone to mature.

As geologists advise, opals formed many million years ago as a combination of silica and water that flowed into Earth’s cracks and hardened over time. Opal formation is based on a dissolution-precipitation mechanism with water as the medium.

Water becomes trapped in the opal as the gemstone is being formed. Therefore opals contain significant amounts of water, from 2% to 20%, but typically the quantity of water is 6% to 10%. Perhaps that’s why pink opal feels so youthful: pink + water = youth!

Pink Opals from Australia and Peru

In 2011 Pink Opals were found in Western Australia, until then Peru was the only source of this charming gemstone.

Imagine wearing a gemstone that contains trapped molecules of water that flowed on Earth five million years ago.

Pink Opal Value in Jewellery

Pink Opal belongs to a category of common opals. Unlike precious opal, common opal doesn’t show rainbow iridescence but has a very attractive body colour and comes in a wide range of colours including wonderful pastel shades: pink, blue, orange and yellow. It’s the lustre and the purity of body colour that defines the value of these gemstones for jewellery.

Among other common opals high quality Pink Opal with even pastel or blush pink colour is definitely winning the attention of renowned jewellery houses – they release gold and diamond fine jewellery with Pink Opal that is often priced higher than jewellery with precious opals. Wouldn’t you agree that these Pink Opal rings by de Grisogono and Cartier are just stunning?

Pink Opal Jewellery

Pink Opal – the Union of Venus and Moon

Let’s ascend higher, right to the source — to the archetypal worlds — where everything exists in a pre-manifested state.

Two most feminine celestial archetypes — Venus and Moon — are united in Pink Opal in a celebration of universal love, harmony, beauty and creative inspiration.

The Venus archetype symbolises the power of passive attraction, spiritual aspiration and universal love. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, she emanates sophistication, undeniable charm and eternal youth.

The Moon archetype represents nurturing, giving and recharging power, the Mother principle, receptivity, intuition and unconditional love. Moon governs all fluids and is directly related to water.

Venus and Moon power

Pink Opal emanates absolutely unstoppable feminine charm. Its relation to water and nurturing healing power makes an unmistakable connection between the gemstone and Venus-Moon force. Pink Opal is a precious manifestation of these magnificent celestial archetypes down here on Earth. Through Pink Opal gemstone these forces are able to open your Heart Chakra to gentle, nurturing and loving vibrations.

Pink Opal – Renewal, Hope, Optimism

In many cultures, Pink Opal has always been associated with the Heart centre, also known as chakra, and regarded as the “Stone of Hope” and “Stone of Love”.

Pink Opal gemstone is believed to hold the most powerful harmonising energy helpful in all heart-related matters: self-acceptance, unconditional love, romantic relationships. Delicate calming vibrations of the gem facilitate emotional healing. This brings the energy of renewal, hope and optimism.

If you are still reading this, you’ve already got an idea why jewellery with Pink Opal gemstones makes such a wonderful and meaningful gift to yourself or anyone you admire and care for: your wife, your mother, daughter or dear friend... It’s a perfect way to tell them how much you care and make them feel special and supported. This gift will always remind them about you and will make their heart feel loved and cherished.

Explore Modern Minimalist Pink Opal Jewellery by Gems In Style…

Pink Opal Gemstone Jewellery by Gems In Style

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