Gemstones & Astrology: Rutilated Quartz, Sun & Mars

by Lara Gems March 06, 2019

Gemstones & Astrology: Rutilated Quartz, Sun & Mars

Rutilated Quartz: the Gemstone of Active Manifestation

Have you ever wondered how planetary forces and the archetypes they represent unpack themselves in gemstones and metals? The astrological principles manifest themselves in the physical world and bring to us both marvels and some very practical applications.

Rutilated Quartz & Sun-Mars Dialectic

Anytime you want to activate your awesomeness look up to the Sun and Mars.

The Sun planetary force works like a powerhouse of your individuality. In a spiritual context it connects you to your Higher Self.

Mars represents personal will, the ability to move from intention to action and achieve your goals.

Now if we look down to Earth to the world of minerals, Rutilated Quartz (or Rutile Quartz) would be a perfect crystal that exhibits the Sun–Mars dialectic: the power of active self-manifestation through personal will, drive and action. Why so?


Rutile Quartz — The Power of Self-Manifestation

Well, do you feel that just by looking at this crystal you get energised and “activated”? The trick is in the captivating needles of Rutile. These golden inclusions grow naturally inside clear Quartz if iron oxide content is high.

Remember, that iron is the metal of Mars, therefore it’s the energy of Mars that activates the growth of rutile needles. It’s like powerful rays of your personal Sun–Self manifested through the driving force of your Mars–Will.

Try carrying some Rutilated Quartz crystal in your pocket or wearing it as a piece of jewellery. It may help you reconnect with the active force of your Sun–Mars (self-manifestation) and move from intention to action.

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