Gemstones & Astrology: Black Onyx & Pluto

by Lara Gems March 14, 2019

Gemstones & Astrology: Black Onyx & Pluto

Black Onyx, Pluto and the Power of the Underworld

Have you ever wondered how planetary forces and the archetypes they represent unpack themselves in gemstones and metals? The astrological principles manifest themselves in the physical world and bring to us both marvels and some very practical applications.

The Pluto Archetype

If you want to improve your physical strength, self-confidence and ignite some powerful changes in your life, seek to connect to the forces represented by the Pluto archetype. As this planet rules the hidden mysteries and enormous powers of the Underworld it’s directly connected to everything related to the geology of the Earth — the most magnificent powerhouse we can tap from.

How to Connect with the Force

The best way to facilitate the connection between the Earth and your energy is to work on your Root Chakra. Root Chakra is an energetic centre at the base of the spine responsible for grounding and supporting the life force. The Root Chakra incarnates spirit into matter. Black Onyx gemstone can help you boost the connection and channel from the powerful forces of the Earth.

Black Onyx and the Power of the Underworld

In the world of minerals, Black Onyx perfectly manifests the Pluto archetype. It holds a solid connection between the physical world and hidden unseen realities of the Underworld. It anchors and activates your Root Chakra giving you access to the transformative power of Pluto.

Meditating with Black Onyx, carrying the crystal in your pocket or wearing an elegant piece of jewellery with this gemstone may help you ground and strengthen your energy and boost vitality.

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