• Silver and the Moon – Symbolism vs Reality

by Lara Gems December 02, 2018

Silver and the Moon: Science, Astrology & Jewellery

“Slowly, silently, now the Moon walks the night in her Silver shoon.” Walter de la Mare

Physical vs Metaphysical

Why, often in poetry as well as in many esoteric traditions is silver as a metal so closely associated with the Moon? Do silver physical properties define metaphysical characteristics or... maybe the other way around? What if scientific and esoteric approaches are just two different ways that take us to the same pure principles, the same celestial formulas? Some call them the archetypes.

So what is the Silver Archetype and where should we start? It’s that type of ‘chicken and the egg’ question. Which came first? Let’s start from the well known facts.

Silver: Physical Properties and Use

Silver is a shiny precious metal that has the highest reflectivity, electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Because of that, silver is widely used in electronic devices, solar panels and batteries. A silver glass mirror is coated on its back surface with silver, which produces images by reflection.

Silver was the most important antimicrobial agent available before the introduction of antibiotics in 1940. The Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Macedonians and ancient Chinese widely used silver for its powerful antibacterial properties to preserve and purify water and food. Today silver is incorporated into wound dressing and antimicrobial coating in medical devices. Ever since the dawn of civilisation silver successfully heals, protects and eliminates bacterias. And, of course, silver is widely used in jewellery.

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Silver: Purity

Scientifically speaking silver is made up of atoms from a single chemical element (Ag – Argentum). The important fact here is that silver can be also found in Earth’s crust in its pure, free elemental form as its native element - silver nuggets. Because of that silver was known since the very first chapters of human civilisation.

Obviously, back then, humans didn’t know anything about atomic structures, but they could clearly sense the guiding principles, the archetype, behind silver - nurturing, purifying and protective power, reflectivity and ability to replicate. That made ancient astrologists closely relate the silver archetype to the Moon, one of the seven then-known celestial bodies. Why so?

Astrology & The Moon Principle

Astrology operates with the packed concepts: just like mathematical formulas it describes guiding principles, metaphors or symbolic connections between spirit and matter, non-physical and physical; the cause, action and the result.

In astrology the Moon represents the principle of fluidity: water and generally liquids, femininity, sensuality, reproduction, intuition, ability to receive and reflect like a mirror...

That is why in different esoteric traditions Moon traits are described as:

Reflection – multiplication – femininity – receptivity – adaptability – nurturing giving power – protection and the Mother principle – cleansing and recharging power.

Silver and the Moon – Magic of the Night

The Magic of the Moonlight 

Now… close your eyes, imagine you are in the middle of the night next to the ocean, a river or a lake watching the Moon. We all have had this experience, at least once, right?

Silence, the moonlight reflected in dark water making it look like shiny liquid silver. The space full of mysteries nurtures and recharges you, takes you out of your busy mind, releases tension, makes you embrace the enchanting beauty of the night, makes you fall in love with life, puts you in touch with your sensual romantic self… that’s what it is all about. ‘Silver Waters’ and ‘Silver Moon” are much more than just beautiful metaphors.

As a metal throughout its properties silver perfectly manifests the main Moon principles – reflection, connectivity, sensuality. This is where our physical world in the form of silver marvellously mirrors metaphysical principles of the Moon. And that is why in astrology, esoteric traditions and, of course, poetry, Silver and the Moon are so closely related to each other.

Silver Wisdom

Remember the expressions? ‘Silver thread’ to indicate an essential or metaphorical connection between things and events. ‘Silver bullet’ to describe a perfect simple solution to a complicated problem. ‘Silver lining’ as a very deep wisdom, that can help us all to get through difficulties (“Every cloud has a silver lining”). And of cause ‘silver Moon’, ‘silver waters’ and so on… calming wisdom, loving and caring support, purity and beauty - it’s all about silver.

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Silver Jewellery as a Powerful Talisman

Due to its potent reflective power silver bounces back any negativity and protects the wearer. That is why your silver jewellery is more than just an adornment, it also works as an amulet for you.

Gemstones, when wrapped or set in silver, become more powerful. Silver amplifies energetic properties of gemstones as well as boosts the connection between you and the stone, so you can deeply tap from the forces represented by each mineral.

Generally speaking, silver is great for women who need to get more in touch with their femininity or men who wants to cultivate receptivity and intuition.

Explore the Magical Beauty of Gems In Style Silver Jewellery.

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