Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver. Let It Shine!

by Lara Gems June 12, 2018

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver. Let It Shine!

Precious Plating for Tarnish-free Silver Jewellery

Tarnished silver jewellery, allergy, black traces on your skin from earrings and rings; necklaces that lost their glorious shine and turned into something you don’t want to wear any longer… have you been through that? Sterling Silver tarnish is a natural process that you can’t avoid unless you know the secret.

Precious, Noble, Worry-free Secret

Do you know that not all sterling silver jewellery is sentenced to tarnish? Quality Rhodium plating is a saver for your silver jewellery that makes it shine for many years to come. It means that a jewellery producer should not only make your necklace with love, they must also care about the quality and put it through one extra step before selling it to you. This final finish is Rhodium plating that is considered a quality standard for fine silver jewellery.

Onyx minimalist necklace by Gems In Style. 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium plating

What is Rhodium?

I am sure you will love the answer! Rhodium is a rare noble metal, the most expensive of all precious metals (way more expensive than gold). Rhodium is a member of the PLATINUM family, which tells you the story, right? It has an intense silvery-white high reflective shine and perfectly seals your sterling silver from tarnish and also protects it from scratches. Sterling silver, plated with the most precious of all metals Rhodium will never disappoint you!

Rhodium Plating: How It Works

Rhodium is a naturally inert metal, meaning it doesn’t interact with other elements in the air or on your skin. That is why natural oxidisation will never take over your silver jewellery if it is protected by the layer of Rhodium. And the greatest bonus of all – Rhodium is a naturally hypoallergenic metal. Ticks all the boxes, just perfect!

Ask the Right Questions Before You Buy Jewellery

You deserve the quality. Rhodium plating is a technologically demanding process and unfortunately not all jewellery producers want to invest in it. If you are going to spend at least $100 on your jewellery ask the seller if their jewellery has Rhodium plating and then decide for yourself.

Agate necklace by Gems In Style. 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium plating. Modern minimalist jewellery

Gems In Style Silver Jewellery

We invite you to enjoy the long-lasting beauty of Gems In Style jewellery made of Rhodium plated, well sculptured and polished sterling silver: tarnish and allergy proof, lead and nickel free. No tarnish, no black spots on your skin, no allergy. Because we make our jewellery with passion, precision and quality!

Discover Rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver jewellery by Gems In Style

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