Crystals and New Moon

by Lara Gems January 26, 2020

New Moon - Setting Intentions

Each New Moon is an invitation to pause, revisit and realign your thoughts, your plans and your life with your inner truth.

The New Moon is a natural phase of darkness and stillness, time of potent emptiness and inner silence… It’s the best time for your psyche to dive deeper, reach out to your inner truth and set the momentum for the next Moon cycle.

New Moon is the time to plant new “seeds” of your intentions that you will be manifesting throughout the upcoming lunation. Start “planting” these seeds 24 hours before the New Moon moment.

Did you know that you can unite the stillness of the New Moon with the magic of crystals to support you on your journey through the next Moon cycle?

Crystals are super powerful helpers when it comes to manifestation. They can assist you in harnessing new opportunities and overcoming challenges. They may help you reach your real potential and make your own energy work towards your goals. But you really need to want it and do it!

Gemstone jewellery by Gems In StyleAthena Aegis and Dancing Orbit necklaces by Gems In Style Jewellery.

Once you set an intention – your vision, your dreams, your goals still only exist at the mental or astral plane. In order to manifest your aspirations in life you need to gear them into the physical world.

Gemstones have an incredible ability to anchor your aspirations in the physical world – the world of matter – activate them and help manifest.

A crystal charged with your intention holds the energy of your aspiration in its  structure. It supports your manifestation process by connecting you to your own resources – your energy centres (chakras). Read the article "Do Gemstones Actually Work?" and "Gemstone Guide" to learn how to connect with the crystals...

New Moon

How to Work with Gemstones during the New Moon?

Take your time to reflect on what needs to change in your life. What are those new opportunities, situations and relationships you want to welcome? What kind of new project you want to engage in? Re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be in a month‘s time. Be honest with yourself. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel there? What do you want to focus on during the next moon cycle? Write it down.

Then choose a crystal that resonates with your intention. You have to trust your intuition. Let yourself be guided by your subtle perceptions — colour, texture, pattern, special vibe, shape of the stone… whatever you liked about this mineral sample. What really matters here is the right motivation and inspiration you feel when you look at the stone or a piece of gemstone jewellery. It should be aligned with your New Moon impulse.

Clear Quartz and Rutilated Quartz necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery

Next, project your New Moon intention into your crystal while holding it in your hands. Allow the crystal to absorb your intention. Thoroughly charge the stone with your aspiration. Feel the resonance between you, the intention and the crystal. Gemstones are incredible powerhouses that can accumulate and amplify the energy, and then support us on the journey to our goals.

Finally, make this charged crystal your companion for the next Moon cycle. Whatever this crystal be — a gemstone jewellery you wear or a stone in your pocket — actively reconnect with the crystal during the day. Each time the gemstone will reflect the energy of your intention back to you, reaffirming your motivation. 

This is how you can channel the energy and stay focused on your goals. Remember, energy flows where intention goes!

Read Gemstone Colour Guide and learn how to choose gemstones by colour to activate your chakras.

Explore the beauty and the power of Gems In Style jewellery. Find your crystal power.

Gemstone Colour Guide – the Rainbow of Power.

Coloured gemstonesSome gemstones from Gems In Style collection that may help you connect with the particular planetary energies, your chakras and manifest your intentions:

Larimar — the Atlantis Stone — represents a beautiful synergy of Uranus and Neptune planetary energies — the power of futuristic vision and highly idealistic values. Larimar helps overcome the obstacles of your mind and connect you to your feelings. Throat chakra. Learn more about Larimar...  Shop our Larimar jewellery...

Pink Opal is a wonderful union of the two most feminine celestial archetypes — Venus and Moon — will support you in all heart-related matters (love, self-acceptance, relationships). It invites the energy or renewal, hope and optimism. Heart chakra. Learn more about Pink Opal... Shop our Pink Opal jewellery...

Labradorite — the Stone of Inner Light and Intuition — is a captivating fusion of Mercury and Moon planetary energies. It helps you connect with your intuition and gain trust in yourself while shattering self-doubts and self-judgement. Activates all chakras. Learn more about Labradorite... Shop our Labradorite jewellery...

Lapis Lazuli - the Stone of the Starry Night Sky - is your invitation to significantly expand your deep reaching vision of this reality and find missing links in any situation: here, there, anywhere. It helps facilitate self-awareness and self-expression. Third Eye and Throat chakras. Learn more about Lapis Lazuli... Shop our Lapis Lazuli jewellery...

Rutilated Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals that can help you manifest your intentions. This gemstone exhibits the Sun–Mars dialectic: the power of active self-manifestation through personal will, drive and action.  Activates all chakras. Learn more about Rutilated Quartz... Shop our Rutilated Quartz jewellery...

Black Onyx is your best companion when you need to connect to your inner strength, boost your confidence and shield your energy from negative vibrations. Black Onyx perfectly manifests the Pluto archetype. It holds a solid connection between the physical world and hidden unseen realities of the Underworld. It anchors and activates your Root Chakra. Lear more about Black Onyx... Shop our Black Onyx jewellery...

For more articles about astrology and gemstones click here.

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