Do Gemstones Actually Work?

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Labradorite Gemstones

 "Everything in life is a vibration" Albert Einstein

Gemstone Magic – Lost But Not Forgotten

In the distant past of human civilization, the magical properties of gemstones and metals were a part of everyday life. Back then people were much more attuned to the powers of crystals, the forces of nature and the universe at large.

Astronomy and astrology emerged around the 3rd millennium BC and were considered as one knowledge – knowledge of the universe and our place in it. That was a time of great realisation mostly based on observation, deep vision and intuition. Gemstone knowledge was an important part of that ancient wisdom. Humans were receptive to these forces and lived in sync with  the “source” – the nature, god, the universal consciousness – whatever you prefer to call it.

Then followed centuries of religious dogma and restrictions, when people were supposed to believe what they are told and not ask questions. Curiosity was the sin and ancient knowledge vanished.

Finally, the modern era of science, technology and all-penetrating materialism resulted in deadening our subtle perceptions. 

But times are changing... Many of us feel the calling, the power behind gemstones, the “stories” that are ready to be told. But we are still not quite familiar with the “language” with which these forces communicate with us.Coloured gemstonesNatural Gemstones

How Do Crystals Work?

“What are the properties of this gemstone” is the question I am often asked. Well, what will it change if I told you?

First of all, it will be my perception of the gem, my relationship with its energy. You may have slightly different resonance or none at all, and that's totally fine. Here is the trick – If you don’t feel a particular resonance with the gem, if it doesn’t “speak” to you – it won’t work on you. Regardless of what you have read about its properties.

Gemstones don’t work without you actively engaging with its energy. They can’t bring you luck, love or money. But they can amplify your own vibrations, activate your own “program” so you see new opportunities, open your heart and attract love, focus your efforts and improve your life and so on...

Gems hold an extremely powerful ability to connect you with what you already have, yet you may have never used or wasn’t aware of its existence.

Quartz crystal and Rutilated Quartz gemstone necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery

Crystals can awaken, boost, amplify, open up your energy (the chakras) and raise your own vibrations so you become an “enhanced” version of yourself. They help you reach your real potential and make your own energy work towards your goals.

It is YOU who actively do it with the help of the gemstone. You become more present, more courageous, more open – so that you are able to welcome something new into your life.

Crystals act as a “password” that grants you access to what is already within you. It just needs to be re-engaged or activated to make you feel whole – loved, confident, outspoken, focused, creative, accomplished… you name it. 

Gemstones help you connect with yourself, look inside and find that part of you that knows how to love and receive, protect and fight, find inspiration and focus your mind, heal and create, express yourself in a way that brings joy and fullness to your life… Gemstones activate and reconnect you to that part of your own energy that keeps you moving to where you want to be. Natural Gemstones

Know Basic Principles

You don’t need to learn by heart or read about properties of every gemstone. You need to learn how to feel, how to listen – your energy, your body, your intuition... It’s all about discovering your own way to “experience” different gemstones and finding those that work for you for each particular intention, situation or even period of your life.

This is not to say that you have to be left alone on this journey wondering without any guidance. Knowing some principles that describe the energetic profile of gemstones will help you navigate within this crystal territory and map the landscape. Using a “top down” approach will allow you to understand the nature of gemstones and then apply it to your own vision.

Gemstones and metals belong to two basic groups defined by the nature of their energy – Projectile and Receptive. Learn how this principle may help you activate disengaged parts of your personality and facilitate desirable changes in our life – click here to read about "Magic of Receptive and Projective Gemstones".

Colour represents personality, defines gemstone properties and passes particular vibrations that interact with your chakras (energy centers). Learn how to choose gemstone colour and what to expect from it – click here to read "Gemstone Colour Guide – the Rainbow of Power".

Cultivate your subtle perceptions by practising self-awareness and learn how to awaken your energy. That’s the only way to make gemstones, and generally your life, work at its fullest potential.

The gemstone power is waiting. The rest is up to you...

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