Crystals and Full Moon

by Lara Gems February 09, 2020

Full Moon and Amethyst Crystal

Why have people always been captivated by the moonlight?

Moonlight is not just mystical and romantic, it is also a carrier of incredible cleansing powers for all things living and beyond… crystals too “love” being bathed in the revitalising energy of the moonlight.

Full Moon is the time when cleansing and recharging principles of the moonlight are being amplified to their highest potential.

Every Full Moon offers you a perfect opportunity to purify vibrations and recharge the “batteries” of your minerals whatever they could be — your gemstone jewellery or a crystal specimen collection.

What is so special about the moonlight and particularly Full Moon light?

The Moon doesn’t produce any light itself, instead it acts as a cosmic mirror that reflects the light of the Sun. While sunlight can be warming and welcoming it can also be taxing, burning and damaging (we know it all too well here in Australia).

On the contrary, gemstones have been formed deep underground and have never been exposed to the blasting energy of direct sunlight, they are not naturally accustomed to its irradiating intensity.

That’s where we are lucky to have the Moon — it receives, modifies and distributes the light received from the Sun thus transforming it into a cooling, cleansing and soothing principle.

The Sun is the giver of life, the Father principle, and the Moon is a pure Mother principle — feminine and nurturing life force.

Rutilated Quartz and Labradorite gemstone necklaces by Gems In Style JewelleryTime periods during Full Moon, including nights before and after, are natural opportunities to cleanse and recharge your crystals and gemstone jewellery.

Put your gems outside or simply leave them on your window sill and let the Full Moon do its job. Don’t forget to bring them back early in the morning because gemstones don’t appreciate being exposed to the direct sunlight, some can even loose the colour or develop cracks.

Give your gemstones a good moonlight bath. Your crystals will love it as much as you do.

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Labradorite – the Stone of Inner Light

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