Setting Intentions for 2021 with Gemstones

by Lara Gems January 12, 2020

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And here we are – 2021 has arrived!

The beginning of the year and the whole new decade! Let’s get the momentum, activate the forces, catch the right impulse and ride it throughout the year and even further in order to land where we want to be in the future.

Perhaps some of you are writing a list of goals and planning how you’re going to get there.

While this is definitely the right thing to do, please don’t forget to engage your intuitive self and let it speak first.

You may be surprised… sometimes what your rational mind sees as a priority is not what you really want and what you strive for. It means your action plan won’t be supported by your willpower and you may subconsciously sabotage your own goals.

So where do you start and how to make it work?

How to engage the magic of manifestation and why gemstones can make this journey meaningful and joyful?

Woman and the Moon

Your 2021 Vision Board

When setting up the direction for 2021 start from the bigger picture. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel in the future?” rather than “What do I want to have?” Firstly, connect to your intuition and inner truth, let them guide you.

Simple fun activities like getting together with your friends and making vision boards for 2021 can be a great way to silence your thinking rational mind.

Bring old magazines of any kind and browse through images, key phrases and words while intuitively picking up those that resonate with you, even seemingly crazy ones. Attach them to a big board and place it somewhere in your home where you can see it rather often.

Don’t over-rationalise. Use this as an intuition building exercise. Get creative, don’t limit yourself. Once you are satisfied with the result and how your future feels like, you can start thinking of what needs to be done to bring you there. This will allow you to really engage your willpower even if some steps may seem challenging and goals could be out of your ordinary mind’s reach.

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Choose a Gemstone to Support Your Vision for 2021

How do you build the energy of your 2021 vision? You have to stay connected to its power all the time, every day. That’s where gemstones come to support you on your way of manifestation.

Go to a crystal or jewellery shop and choose a gemstone that draws your attention while you are holding an image of your future in your inner vision. Make that crystal or a jewellery piece your talisman for 2021. Wearing and actively reconnecting with this gemstone throughout the day will help you boost your willpower and amplify your aspiration.

Beaded gemstone bracelets work really well for this purpose because you can always see them on your wrist. Gemstone energy interacts with your energy meridians and chakras and also works as a powerful reminder “Stay true to yourself, keep moving”.

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