Howlite - the gemstone of Purity and Harmony

by Lara Gems March 12, 2020 4 Comments

Howlite gemstone necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery

Let's talk about White...

In nature white colour in its pure form is very rare among gemstones. Actually opaque white doesn’t exist at all with only one exception… 

This exception is Howlite – a semi precious gemstone of white colour with veins of other minerals running through it. Someone may say it’s reminiscent of white marble – however marble is not used in jewellery, so we will leave it aside for now.

A Short Story about Howlite and its Rarity

In 1868 gypsum miners in Nova Scotia, Canada were confronted by a mineral much harder than gypsum, it appeared to be Howlite. Previously unknown white gemstone with grey veins and opaque lustre was named after chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How, who researched and classified this wonderful new mineral. Its chemical name is calcium borosilicate, its gray veins are usually iron oxide.

Because of its comparatively recent discovery, Howlite doesn’t have a very rich history as other famous gemstones known from ancient times. However, we do believe it doesn’t make it less valuable – after all it is the only naturally white gem that is used in jewellery!

Howlite is a relatively inexpensive gemstone, it is found in Death Valley, California, USA and also in Canada and Germany. However, Howlite deposits can soon be exhausted, this means that gem price will only increase with time.

As a gemstone Howlite becomes more and more popular. What does make us appreciate Howlite today?

Howlite gemstone jewellery by Gems In Style

Out of this World

We love Howlite for its graceful elegance and purifying simplicity. Native white gem with irregular grey veins looks classy, organically compliments any colour and goes well with any outfit. Similar to marble in interior design, when used in jewellery, Howlite effortlessly delivers style and sophistication. But there is another, much deeper reason why we feel attracted to this gem…

Howlite is associated with Crown chakra (mind and thoughts) and known for its ability to calm overactive mind and release stresses of all kinds. Well, honestly who doesn’t need it these days?

In colour psychology white is associated with light and purity, it has a proven harmonising and balancing influence.

Howlite exudes a simple yet sophisticated beauty, a freshness out of this world.

Gemstone’s comforting vibrations uplift your spirit, bring self-awareness and clarity to your mind.

Howlite gemstone necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery

Physical and Metaphysical

As we know, white objects fully reflect all visible wavelengths of light, they don’t absorb any of the waves of the spectrum (conversely, black objects absorb all spectrum and don’t reflect any colour rays back). You may want to revisit the article Miracle Explained – Colours of Your Gemstone Jewellery

To a great extent color represents personality and defines gemstone properties. Allegorically speaking, nothing is able to compromise Howlite’s purity, the stone bounces back all impure influences and remains, so to say, “stainless”.

Howlite is like a quintessence from “celestial highness”, a touch of angelic presence if you wish.

Astrologically speaking, it doesn’t correspond to any particular planetary energy – it rather combines all of the planetary energies in their pure form and connects us to the principles of purity and harmony. Just like white light consists of light rays of all colors – full visible spectrum – Howlite grants us an access to the unity of all the principles.

Fake or Genuine – Howlite or Turquoise – Where is a Trap?

Now a few tips to make you a better informed customer when you buy jewellery! Especially if you are a Turquoise lover… Very often when you believe you buy natural Turquoise you are being sold dyed Howlite (and this is not even the worst case, unfortunately). Turquoise is generally one of the most falsified gemstones. It is much more “famous” and way more expensive than Howlite.

Howlite absorbs dyes well, in particular blue dyes: when altered in this way, it resembles, and is sometimes erroneously sold as Turquoise. Most of affordable Turquoise jewellery is actually made of dyed white Howlite. However, these two gemstones have nothing in common.

Natural and dyed Howlite gemstone

Sometimes Howlite can be sold under trade names ‘White Turquoise '' or “White Buffalo Turquoise”. This is just a marketing trick to pump up the value because as a gemstone Turquoise is always in demand and has a much higher perceived value.

And here’s one more sales trick: when dyed in red Howlite is often sold as red Coral.

Howlite and Turquoise synthetic imitation

Also be aware of synthetic (or man made) Howlite – even though Howlite is a relatively inexpensive stone, it is being imitated in order to bring a more predictable “well organised” matrix to jewellery pieces.

Natural Howlite is a white stone with slightly blended randomly distributed grey or dark veins. If you see a very thin well defined and evenly distributed grey, beige or black matrix the ‘gemstone’ is most likely synthetic and has nothing to do with natural minerals - neither Howlite nor Turquoise.

Unfortunately, gem imitation in jewellery is way more common than we’d like to think.

So be aware! Always ask the seller about the origin of the stone. If you ask the right question there is a chance you will receive an honest description and will be able to make a well-informed decision to either purchase this piece of jewellery or invest more and buy genuine Turquoise (which is never cheap).

We believe white Howlite is absolutely beautiful in its original colour and Turquoise must be only natural.

Please visit our online store to see Gems In Style jewellery with natural Howlite and genuine Turquoise

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Lara Gems


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4 Responses

Lara Gems
Lara Gems

August 11, 2021

Hi, Dream of Stones! (what a wonderful name!)
I am glad you found this article helpful. Howlite is a wonderful affordable gemstone. Yet even this stone is being imitated for not very good reasons.
Let’s strive for natural gems, its the only way to appreciate Mother Nature work

Lara Gems
Lara Gems

August 11, 2021

Hi there!
Thank you for your nice words. I really appreciate it as an author.

Dream of stones
Dream of stones

August 11, 2021

I was looking for Howlite beads i got to know that are relatively inexpensive stone, it is being imitated in order to bring a more predictable “well organised” matrix to jewellery pieces.

I got to learna lot of things from this article. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

Leight Works
Leight Works

August 11, 2021

Thank you for sharing this wonderful article, I really liked the way you have presented this article.

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