Larimar Gemstone – History and Lore

by Lara Gems March 24, 2019

Larimar Gemstone – History and Lore

Although the Larimar gemstone became known to the Western world in 1974, it managed to make a very sound appearance surrounded by legends and some mystical predictions. Since then Larimar has became a very sought after gem for jewellery and it’s value steadily grows year after year.

Everything is special about this rare and beautiful mineral: the exquisite sea-blue colour and pattern, the scarcity, the origin and even the lore… So that’s what we want to begin with.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet and Atlantis

As the legend goes, the discovery of Larimar was predicted by famous American psychic Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945), also known as “The Sleeping Prophet”. During his deep trance-like sessions he predicted lots of political events, natural disasters and discoveries of different kinds. Some researchers believe that discovery of Larimar was one of them.

Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet

Cayce envisioned that a previously unknown “blue stone” of incredible beauty and a potent healing power will be found somewhere in the Caribbean, where he believed the lost continent of Atlantis is located. The myth of Atlantis had a very special place in Cayce’s readings. He was very certain that it existed and some of the Caribbean islands are the remnants of the lost Atlantean civilisation.

The Discovery of Larimar

Perhaps, it was just a coincidence, but in 1974, while exploring one of the Caribbean islands of the Dominican Republic, Miguel Méndez found a blue stone that caught his attention. Initially he thought it was a new type of turquoise, but while polishing the stone, it demonstrated some characteristics which were very different from turquoise. When the stone was sent for gemological identification it was confirmed that it is a completely new mineral, a previously unknown form of pectolite.

The Story of the Name: Lari-mar

Méndez named the stone after his daughter, Larissa, by combining her name with the Spanish word “mar” meaning “sea”. The name influenced by the fact that the natives of the island, who actually were long aware of “the blue stone”, claimed that the stones were gifts from the ocean. But it turned out that they were wrong… At first, Méndez found a few blue stones on a beach, washed into the sea by the Bahoruco River. He followed the Larimar trail upstream and discovered outcrops of the mineral which formed the basis of the first mine.


Gemmology of Larimar

Larimar is an exceptionally rare blue- to blue-green variety of pectolite.

Other forms of pectolite are found in Canada, England and the USA, but none has the unique coloration of Larimar and mostly find their place in different mineral collections but not jewellery.

Larimar is found only in one place on Earth – the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean and has significant value as a gemstone for jewellery. Gorgeous blue colour of Larimar comes from volcanic conditions unique to the Dominican Republic, and thus can only be found there in very limited and hard-to-reach mountain deposits.

Larimar Properties

Larimar is also known as “the Atlantis Stone” or “Dolphin Stone” which reflects the properties assigned to this magnificent gem.

Larimar Necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery

See for yourself... Take a pause and directly gaze at a piece of Larimar gemstone, let the impressions come to your awareness… You may feel or see magic-like sunlight playing with tranquil serenity on blue Caribbean waters. There is a good reason for that...

Larimar is associated with the elements of both Air and Water and symbolises the harmony between thoughts and emotions, your spirit and body.

Larimar projects its incredible calming and soothing effect upon its wearer. It “washes away” everything you need to let go of in order to bring new energy, integrity and true vision into your life. It instantly ignites your self-awareness, gives access to your intuition and balances your emotions.

Astrological Symbolism – Larimar and Planetary Energies

If you want to cultivate your intuition and learn to see things in perspective seek assistance from Larimar. This gemstone manifests the synergy of two powerful planetary forces: Uranus and Neptune.

Larimar Gemstone and Astrology: Uranus-Neptune

Uranus is related to the Air element — the power of futuristic vision, innovation and intuition.

Neptune rules over the Water element and manifests itself through highly idealistic values, artistic inspiration and spiritual devotion.

Beautifully represented by the Larimar gemstone, these two forces will guide you through the obstacles of your mind, connect you to your feelings and give you an unlimited access to your intuition.

Larimar Jewellery

Dancing Orbit silver necklace with Larimar  gemstone by Gems In Style Jewellery

There are not many gemstones that would be naturally gifted with such breathtaking colour and lustre like Larimar.

Unfortunately it became a common practice in the jewellery industry to dye and treat gemstones in order to enhance their natural appearance. Since Larimar naturally exhibits its sheer perfection of the sea-sky blue colour, the gemstone requires no further treatment and is highly valued.

Larimar is one of the most beautiful and rare gemstones, a result of the unique conditions including volcanic activity which occurred on the Caribbean Islands million of years ago and will never happen again. Providing that Larimar deposits are limited, non-replenishable and hard to reach, the gemstone value will only increase with time.

Gems In Style Jewellery with Larimar Gemstone

In terms of lapidary work, Larimar is a rather demanding material and requires a certain skill set to make a great piece of fine jewellery. Its intricate pattern and enchanting blue colour are so exquisite and unique that it is rare to encounter fake or imitation Larimar in the market.

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 Larimar Gemstone Necklace by Gems In Style Jewellery. 926 Silver.

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