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Want to create a suave look with a playful twist?

Classy, Confident and Sexy! Dancing Orbit collection will take you there.  Choose which gemstone you want to orbit around and have a good flight!


Dancing Orbit necklace symbolises dynamism of movement and the law of attraction. Choose to orbit around gorgeous Larimar, a rare gemstone found only in one place on Earth: in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and also known as ‘the Atlantis Stone’ or ‘Dolphin Stone’. Larimar is a pure magic of sunlight playing with the tranquil serenity of blue waters that wash away everything you need to let go in order to bring new energy and harmony into your life. Held by lightweight silver frame this enchanting necklace is an essence of playful femininity that radiates effortless beauty and wisdom.

  • Gemstone: Larimar
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium plating
  • Pendant 24 mm. Chain 1mm wide,  46 cm long with 23 cm extension and a mini-charm with Gems In Style symbol

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