Dancing Orbit • Necklace

Rutilated Quartz

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Want to create a suave look with a playful twist?

Classy, Confident and Sexy! Dancing Orbit collection will take you there.  Choose which gemstone you want to orbit around and have a good flight!


Dancing Orbit necklace symbolises dynamism of movement and the law of attraction. Choose to orbit around magnificent Golden Rutilated Quartz, the crystal that helps manifest your desires, cleanses and energises. A highly sought after form of Quartz with subtle golden needle-like inclusions of Rutile also known as ‘Venus' Hair Stone’ or ‘Golden Hair Quartz’. Each crystal is unique in patterns of rutile inclusions and its astonishing beauty. Held by lightweight rose gold frame this delicate necklace radiates subtle golden halo, effortless femininity and refined sophistication.
  • Gemstone: Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold plating
  • Pendant 24 mm. Chain 1.2 mm wide,  46 cm long with 23 cm extension and a mini-charm with Gems In Style symbol


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