Geometric Jewellery – Your Active Force

by Lara Gems May 09, 2018

Gems In Style necklace with Onyx gemstone

How to Use the Power of Geometry to Create Influence

Look around – the world is made of geometric shapes, forms, patterns and combinations of them all. Geometry is displayed in our physical world everywhere – architecture, art, fashion and much more. The spiritual world takes geometry to a new level; its language is rich in symbolism holding deep sacred meanings.

Let's explore how we perceive basic geometric shapes and why they send us different messages making us feel one way or another. We'll start with a simple experiment.

A Table Test

Take the most common thing in every house or an office – a table. Now imagine a real situation at work when you're sitting with other people around a rectangular table. The shape of the table brings a sense of stability making you feel determined to solve the problem, to demonstrate your expertise or fulfil your ambitions. Now put the same people at a round table. Does it feel different? Right away it brings the sense of unity, stimulates collaboration and makes people feel closer to each other. The trick is – the same principle works everywhere.

Use the Power

If you know how to use the symbolism of geometry by simply playing with jewellery of different shapes for different occasions, you've got the power. You can make a particular impression and create influence without saying a word. See for yourself...

Square & Rectangle – Stability, Expertise, Trust

Howlite gemstone necklace and cuff, 925 sterling silver, 14K rose gold plating. Modern minimalist gemstone jewellery by Gems In Style.

Square and Rectangular shapes represent stability and create a sense of equality and conformity.

It’s no surprise that square is very often used for men’s jewellery design. However, women should not underestimate the benefit of this shape as well. Let’s say you have an important business meeting or a job interview. You want to look like a reliable expert with a sharp mind and attention to detail. Then try wearing minimal geometric jewellery based on square or rectangular shapes.

The subconscious message you are sending to others is “I know what I am doing. You can trust me. I have expertise and great attention to detail.”

A good example would be our Magic Quad and Enigma collections; they will speak out your confidence, independence and sense of style.

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Circle – Unity, Collaboration, Receptivity

Lapis Lazuli gemstone necklace, 925 sterling silver, 14K gold plating. Modern minimalist gemstone jewellery by Gems In Style.

Circles and Ovals create an impression of unity and infinity, continuity with neither end nor beginning.

These shapes bring comfort, making us feel protected and included. Choose round shape geometric jewellery if you go on a date or are approaching a difficult conversation and want to calm down your opponent.

The subconscious message you will send to others is “I am flexible and adaptable. We can work together (or be together), you will feel safe and comfortable with me”.

Have a look at our Dancing Orbit minimalist necklace, it symbolises holding without taking away the freedom of movement. Our Athena Aegis necklace is a good example of the protective power of the circle without energy being locked inside. These pieces will definitely have an impact on others and make you look effortlessly elegant and confident!

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Triangle – Strength, Vision, Mystic Power

Magic Quad necklaces by GEMS IN STYLE. Modern Minimalist Geometric Gemstone Jewellery

The Triangle is one of the most powerful geometric shapes of all times. It is associated with strength and resilience and has a significant spiritual symbolism.

An upwards pointing triangle represents strong foundation and hierarchy of creation, ascension to the spiritual world.

The downwards pointing triangle can be associated with the focus on physical realms and active manifestation. Whatever triangle you are wearing – you send a strong message to the world.

Point-up triangle: “My aspirations and ambitions are high and I am going to insist on it”.

Point-down triangle: “I like to get things done and move through it with persistence and dedication”.

Very often you can find a combination of different triangles in jewellery designs.

Our Magic Quad collection is an elegant geometrical integration of triangles and square.

You may also like to read the article about Triangle and Sacred Geometry.

Jewellery Design with Mathematical Aspiration

Lara Gems, Founder of GEMS IN STYLE - Australian Gemstone Jewellery Brand

Being a jewellery designer with a formal training in applied mathematics – yes, I did it in my 20s at a university in my home town of Moscow – I have a very special relationship with clean lines, geometry and precision in proportions. Very often I start designing a jewellery piece by unpacking a particular geometrical inspiration. Once I am happy with the design, I choose gemstones that would work harmoniously for this piece. But sometimes my inspiration is triggered by the gemstone itself and I come up with the geometry that is able to showcase its natural beauty.

Gems In Style Jewellery taps its inspiration from two powerful sources: the symbolism of geometry and magical beauty of natural gemstones. So you can have it all at once.

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Lara Gems
Lara Gems


Gemstone Strategist and Founder of Gems In Style Jewellery

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