The Power of Circle – Sacred Geometry in Jewellery

by Lara Gems May 31, 2019

Dancing Orbit necklace and Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry – Why Should Your Care?

Long time ago in a galaxy not so far away… the human ancients realised that the supreme Universal Consciousness – aka the Divine or God – used the language of Sacred Geometry while manifesting the physical world.

The symbolism of this celestial language carries deep meaning and impacts many aspects of our lives. The better we understand it, the more we can tap from the power and wisdom of the Universe itself…

The Ancient Days - Secret Geometry

Even if you are sceptical or not interested in spiritual or sacred matters – still you can hugely benefit from using the basic principles of Sacred Geometry in your daily life. It works regardless of what you think about it.

Starting from simple questions, like what shape of table, round or square, you should choose for your office or home, to what kind of jewellery to wear for a date or a business meeting – the power of geometric symbolism will do its job even if you couldn’t care less.

So you better pay attention… Then you can consciously use the force to your own advantage.

Major geometric shapes – square, circle and the triangle – all have a highway-like connection to the celestial archetypes. Let’s begin with looking at the Circle.

In the Beginning There Was the Circle…

Remember these famous lines “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”?

If the Universe started with the “Word” – the celestial thought form, the archetypes – then perhaps the physical world could have began with the Circle – the sacred archetypal shape behind everything manifested.

Solar System

Circles are ubiquitous – from the steering wheel of your car to the celestial bodies of the Solar System, and even further, all the way to spinning infinity of galaxies – the divine archetypal circle can be found in the fabric of our world at every level.

A Circle Symbolises Harmony, Wholeness and Protection


Circles represent the primordial archetype of movement. Continuity which has neither end nor beginning.

Infinite movement, change of seasons, rhythmical cycles of life, where the end of one phase becomes the beginning of another.

In the Universe everything moves in a circles-like manner – galaxies, stars and planets. Changes in seasons, cycles in human bodies all have repeating, rhythmic motions. Pretty much all large celestial bodies shaped as spheroids due to their circular, spinning movement in the cosmos.

When humanity – somewhere around 3500 B.C. – figured out that the wheel could be used for transportation, it was the biggest accomplishment that dynamised the progress of ancient civilisations. Major human inventions and innovations rest on the archetypal circular principle.

Dancing Orbit necklace and the Moon cycles


Circle is a symbol of wholeness – the divine unity of everything in the Universe.

In the human body, the iris looks very much like a galaxy or a spinning nebula. The mystical centre in the pupil, as a black hole that takes the light in, is surrounded by the band of stars swirling around its gravitational pull. The human eye is the physical interface between the inner microcosm and outer macrocosm that symbolises our shared nature and unity with the Universe.

Human Eye


Protection is another significant symbolism of the Circle.

Circle preserves the integrity of what is held inside and keeps it protected from any harm that may be coming from outside. Circle is always paradoxical, it unites as well as divides and separates the inside from the outside. This significant dualism was widely used in a great number of rituals across all major spiritual traditions in the world since time primordial. And it will be used as long as the Universe exists.

The Comforting Nature of Circle-based Jewellery

Subconsciously and at a very deep level of the human psychology, the Circle is the most comforting shapes of all.

The roundness inherent to the most of our body parts naturally resonates with the circular principle. And that’s why wearing the circle as a piece of jewellery brings the sense of ultimate harmony.

Gemstone Jewellery by Gems In Style

No surprise that circle-based jewellery designs are the most popular among women compared to designs that use sharp angles. After all, the circle is associated with femininity! In a majority of cases our choice is subconsciously pulled towards round and oval designs.

Roundness is soothing. It gives both organic comfort and a deep sense of psychological balance. Circles are free of disturbing angles. Circular nature is continuous and flowing.

You can relax with a Circle. Not so with other shapes! Wearing shapes like squares and triangles, usually serves a specific purpose. Angular jewellery pieces work through their contrasting nature that may not always suit the required attitude.

If you are interested in reading why you would want to wear square and triangle-based jewellery, check out this articles: Geometric Jewellery – Your Active Force and Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness.

Say It With the Circle – Let’s Get Practical

In jewellery design, any geometric shape broadcasts a particular message that contributes to your personal image – through subtle and mostly subconscious cues that influence how people perceive you and feel around you.

If you want to create a sense of unity and a smooth flow between you and people you deal with, make them feel comfortable and included – go for circle-based jewellery.


Here are some examples of situations in which you may benefit from wearing round shape geometric jewellery:

  • Going on a date or any romantic endeavour
  • Calming down your opponent or making them take your side
  • Taking care and supporting other people
  • If you want your new colleagues or clients perceive you as a well-rounded, collaborative and friendly person

When you wear circle-based jewellery, the geometric roundness that you have consciously chosen to be associated with sends people the following subconscious messages:

  • I am a good team player, I value collaboration
  • I am flexible and adaptable
  • We have so much in common
  • You are safe, I can take care about you
  • I am a people person, you will like to be around

On the opposite, if you choose to wear square or triangle-based jewellery the messages you send to others will be very different. Read more about other geometric shapes in jewellery…

Larimar necklace, Dancing Orbit collection by Gems In Style Jewellery

 The main thing you may want to keep in mind:

The symbolism of geometry works even if don’t believe in it.

By consciously choosing the geometry of your jewellery you are able to send the right subconscious message to others. Make the Sacred Geometry collaborate with your intentions instead of contradicting them.

Knowing the language of geometry and jewellery you can not only send but also read other people simply by observing what kind of jewellery they choose to wear. I do it all the time – the first thing I notice when I meet a woman is her jewellery. It tells me so much about her… perhaps, that is a good topic for another blog post.

Geometric Circle-based Jewellery As a Talisman

By definition a Talisman is meant to protect and bring luck. It connects the wearer with the forces it represents.

Circle-based jewellery is a perfect companion for anyone who seeks emotional balance, wants to get in touch with the intuitive feminine nature within and perhaps engage energetic healing. It also comforts, harmonises and protects.

Gemstone Geometric Jewellery by Gems In Style

What if we add another force to this equation – the gemstone?

Geometric gemstone jewellery can be considered as the perfect talisman – it taps its potency from the two powerful forces – the symbolism of sacred geometry and the energy of gemstones.

Dancing Orbit necklace – the Sacred Symbolism of the Circle

We have created our Dancing Orbit collection with one big aspiration... We wanted to bring together the Sacred Symbolism of the Circle and the magical energies of natural gemstones.

Dancing Orbit minimalist necklace design symbolises the dynamism of movement and the law of attraction. It represents the holding that doesn’t take away the freedom of movement.

The symbolism of the Circle enriched with the energies of eight beautiful natural gemstones:

Larimar  –  Pink Opal  –  Labradorite  –  Onyx –  Rutilated Quartz  –  Lapis Lazuli  –  Snowflake Obsidian  –  Howlite

Choose which gemstone you want to orbit around and have a good flight!

Pink Opal and Labradorite gemstones, Dancing Orbit necklaces by Gems In Style Jewellery

Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness.

Magic Quad necklaces with Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Gems In Style Jewellery



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