Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness

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Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness

Beginning with a simple triangle, then to the World of the gods and the Fire principle and finally to geometric jewellery… Let’s explore the power of consciousness and find out how the triangle and its sacred symbolism can help us think and act with clarity, every day...

Would you agree that the complexity of this world sometimes feels overwhelming? We, humans, more than often find ourselves trapped in our own thoughts and emotions, not to mention the entangled nature of our physical existence.

However some of us seem to navigate through this complexity much better than others. As if they have a special ability to think and act with clarity, seeing things as if from above where everything makes much more sense. As a result they are able to link dots in the pattern of events faster and always find the right solution.

Let me explain and maybe even surprise you…

Sacred Geometry – the Language of the Universe

Sacred Geometry is a pattern behind everything – a blueprint of the creation.

“[The universe] cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word; without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth.” Quote attributed to Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

Geometry of the UniverseBasic geometric shapes – Circle, Triangle, Square –  are sacred building blocks, the “alphabet” of the universe. Those who learned to read and use this secret code are also able to think and act with much better clarity.

Previously we have looked at the Circle (click here to read). Let’s now explore the symbolic power of the Triangle and find out how we can benefit from the triangular shape in our daily life.

The Power of Three – Sacred Symbolism

Triangle represents the number 3, a prime number. All prime numbers are very special — they are not divisible by any other number except for the number 1 and themselves.

The number 3 has always been considered as the most sacred number across the majority of religions and esoteric traditions:

  • Christian faith – Trinity represents the Father (God), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holly Spirit.
  • The Buddist tradition – ‘The Triple Gem’ – Buddha (enlightened one), the Dharma (teachings), and the Sunha (disciples)
  • Taoism – the Great Triad – Heaven-Human-Earth
  • In the current era of “New Age” the number 3 is often associated with the unity of Spirit, Mind and Body.
Creation Ladder

In the unfoldment of geometric symbolism the Triangle follows the Circle and precedes the Square:

  • CIRCLE – unity, oneness, wholeness – the source and the origin of everything, aka God.
  • TRIANGLE – a dynamic force of creation – Creative Spirit. An active creative principle of consciousness – sometimes referred to as Fire of Consciousness.
  • SQUARE – stability of Matter in the manifested physical world.

Now ready to take a flight? Fasten your belt, we are going breathtakingly high...

Triangle and the World of the Gods

In the ladder of creation, Triangle belongs to the World of the Gods.

As we know from mythology, gods are extremely creative guys – for them wanting and making it happen is almost the same thing. They possess an immense manifesting power. Gods like to play with archetypes and shape their reality as they wish. But there is more…

The World of the Gods

Triangle also symbolises the Fire principle – the Creative Spirit of the Universe. Fire moves fast, penetrating everywhere and purifying everything it touches.

Akin to the gods, Fire is a transformative metaphysical principle. In esoteric traditions it is often referred to as Fire of Consciousness – and that’s what gods are really good at. They manifest reality non-stop, actualising their creative power.

For us humans, this dynamic Fire principle unfolds as the ability to reach out higher and deeper and tap from something bigger than our limited mind.

Remember in the beginning I’ve mentioned the lucky ones who have skills to better navigate within complexity and act with clarity? Instead of being locked in convolutions of mind and thoughts, their consciousness quickly reaches the destination using some kind of vertical structure. Do you know why? They consciously or subconsciously know how to connect to the clarifying power of the Triangle and ride its Fire.

Triangle - Fire of Consciousness

What is the Fire of Consciousness

Why should we be striving to get in touch with this lofty Fire principle?

It’s not the same as being “on fire”, which means being lost in the middle of the turmoil of your emotions or situation. Quite the opposite…

Practically speaking, Fire of Consciousness is the force that brings the ability to organise the principles in a meaningful order and make them work for you, not against you.

To give you an example – great scientists, innovators, spiritual teachers and visionaries of all kinds – all have great access to the state of mind called Fire of Consciousness.

Meditation and the Triangle

Will I surprise you if I tell that those who meditate (I mean really meditate, don’t mix it with casual relaxation techniques) actively facilitating their own Fire of Consciousness? If you constantly practise that type of meditation you will be able to reconnect with the clarity of mind whenever you need it in your daily life.

Fire purifies your consciousness. And that’s the main thing you need to know about the profound symbolism of Triangle:

Triangle ➞ Fire of Consciousness ➞ Clarity of Mind

If you think this applies only to monks, spiritual or ascetic devotees of all kinds, you are wrong. You also want this Fire. Why wouldn’t you?

Fire of Consciousness represented by the Triangle makes your mind act with clarity, it sharpens your thinking and amplifies your intellectual capacity. So even in the middle of turmoil you will know how to navigate through.

Fire of Consciousness amplifies your ability to see what is right for you and figure out how to get there.

Now let’s get practical and see what can help us facilitate this precious fire...

Triangles in Your Home and Jewellery

Physical objects based off a triangular shape – buildings, home decor like pyramids or geometric jewellery – are able to connect our consciousness to the purifying fiery nature of the Triangle.


As powerful as the Triangle is, it doesn’t harmonise itself well with the human bodily shape when worn as a piece of jewellery. And it makes sense because the Triangle is closer to the principle of Fire than to Matter. Here on Earth we need Matter that is reinforced by Fire while still maintaining a connection to the organic nature of life. 

Luckily we have the Square that comes to the rescue and helps bridge the gap between soft and sensitive nature of human body and creative energy behind the Triangle. On one hand the Square brings a sense of grounding and stability, on another, all squares are naturally composed out of triangles that inject invigorating “edginess” and cutting discernment.

Square jewellery works well when you need that extra punch of confidence and sharpness, it helps feel protected by the magical celestial properties of the Triangle while enjoying firm stability embodied by the square frame.

Energy and potency of a jewellery piece is strongly influenced by the kind of triangles it uses. While a triangle can be oriented in many ways, the two most prominent orientations are “point-up” and “point-down” and depending on that orientation the resulting symbolism will be different.

Symbolism of Point-Up and Point-Down Triangles

Upwards Pointing Triangle and its Message

An upwards pointing triangle conveys the sense of a strong foundation, stability and symbolises ascension towards the worlds of creative fire.

If you choose to wear jewellery based on point-up triangles, the subconscious message you send to others is: “My aspirations and ambitions are high and I am going to insist on it”.

Downwards Pointing Triangle and its Message

A downwards pointing triangle is associated with the focus on the physical realm and engagement in active manifestation.

Point-down triangle message: “I like to get things done and move through with persistence and dedication”.

Combining triangles

Very often jewellery designs are made by combining triangles of different types. Such approach allows to create complex and alluring jewellery recognised and noted for it expressive symbolism.

Our Magic Quad collection is an elegant geometrical integration of triangles and square, a true fusion of numerology and geometry behind the numbers three and four.

Magic Quad design symbolises alchemical unity of two polarities – sharpness of consciousness (the point-up triangle) enforced by the ability to act in the world and achieve concrete results (the point-down triangle).

Magic Quad geometric jewellery collection, lapis lazuli, black only, howlite, sterling silver, gold and rose gold by Gems In Style

Resilience of the Triangle

Triangles in jewellery designs are associated with clarity, strength and resilience and as we have just discussed, are imbued with a significant spiritual symbolism. Every time you wear a triangular shape as a jewellery piece, you send a strong message to the world.

So choose your triangle message wisely!

The Power of Circle – Sacred Geometry in Jewellery.

The Power of Circle – Sacred Geometry in Jewellery

Square – the Mysteries of Matter.

Magic Quad geometric jewellery by Gems In Style

Lara Gems
Lara Gems


Gemstone Strategist and Founder of Gems In Style Jewellery

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