Square – the Mysteries of Matter

by Lara Gems July 02, 2019

Magic Quad geometric necklaces by Gems In Style Jewellery

“Where is matter, there is geometry” Johannes Kepler

What is so magical and yet problematic about such seemingly simple geometric shape as a Square? Where does the Square help and where does it hinder in our life? Let’s explore our relationship with Squares from sacred geometric symbolism followed by its implication in design, jewellery and our physical existence at large.

Have you ever noticed how heavily our physical world rests on the principle of the Square? Just look around – buildings, doors, windows, tiles, furniture, books… most of objects are predominantly based on a rectangular shape. Perhaps right now you are sitting on something rather squarish, so you get the point…

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In so many ways, in this world of matter, the Square literally supports your body and is a mundane attribute of your everyday life. We take it for granted without paying attention to its profound significance and mystical symbolism.

At a very sacred level, the Square is the fabric of the physical world. 

The principle of “4” - Emanation of the Square

If you have ever been interested in esoteric knowledge you may have heard that the Square is a symbol of the physical world or the world of matter. But why so?

Unlike mind and spirit, any physical substance has volume and mass. Let me take you straight to the point: geometrically, in order to define any physical object – something that you can hypothetically touch – you need at least 4 points in space.

"Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430)

Numerology and Geometry

This is how numerology is connected to geometry and esoteric symbolism:

Number 1 – one is related to a Dot and symbolises beginning and One-ness.

Number 2 – two dots define a Line and represent the notion of length and the principle of opposition or dynamising polarity.

Number 3 – three dots are enough to draw a Triangle and define a plane – an abstract flat surface with only two dimensions – width and length. Wherever you randomly place three dots in space there will always be only one unique plane to which all three dots belong to. But three dots are not enough to make a physical object with volume. Because anything physical by definition has a volume which is described by width, length and height.

If you are a bit confused here, think of it like this… In the physical world you can’t touch the Dot, the Line or the Triangle – you can only touch a piece of paper on which they have been drawn. BUT even the thinnest piece of paper as a physical object has some thickness. Therefore neither of these – Dot, Line, Triangle – belong to this physical three-dimensional world of matter. They are abstract objects you cannot touch. That is why we need the 4th dot...


Number 4 – four dots is where it gets really interesting because it allows us to define the simplest geometrical, yet physical object that we can touch and measure – a tetrahedron. It is defined by FOUR points and FOUR triangles and it finally has volume. Therefore it can exist in the physical world.

The number 4 symbolises Square.

Now you can see why in esoteric traditions the Square is a symbol of Matter, aka the physical world. Because matter always has a volume and you need at least 4 points in space to bring it to the existence.

Building blocks of the Universe

Squares and rectangular shapes in general are the building blocks, the “Lego” of matter out of which all complexity originates. Everything we can touch and measure in our 3-dimensional world – from a tiny particle of sand to a skyscraper – belongs to the domain of 4 that is under the rulership of the Square.

The Symbolism of Square – the Power and the Pitfalls

The power of the Square lies in its connection to Sacred Geometry.

The Square symbolises stability, fixed nature of matter, strong foundations and order.

In the physical world the Square represents static configuration of matter. It upholds the principle of volume of the physical world and is responsible for solidity, reliability and sturdiness. You can rely on the square. It keeps its promises, always.

However as good as stability is it has one downside – it lacks dynamism. It’s too static. Ruled by the the domain of the Square, matter has a tendency of becoming too rigid and fixed. As a result matter gets disconnected from spirit and everything that comes with it – inspiration, compassion, love, enthusiasm… in other words, it’s lacking all kinds of idealistic values.

Stable Structure

Now that we have clarified some basic geometrical principles and their symbolic connections we can move to the domain of magic.

The Alchemy of Matter and Pyramids

Let me first remind you of the symbolism of the Triangle which we discussed in the previous blog post "Triangle – the Power of Consciousness". Triangles symbolise the Fire principle – Creative Spirit of the Universe. Fire moves fast, penetrating and purifying everything it touches.

Square and Triangle

The nature of Matter represented by the Square is exactly the opposite – it is heavy and static, it lacks dynamism. But what if we combine the principles of Triangle and Square? Geometrically speaking we will get a pyramid… Pyramids are said to have supernatural powers – they preserve organic substances placed inside of its structure, significantly amplify meditation experiences, improve quality of sleep, bring some health benefits due to the positive effect of negative ions generated inside of the pyramid structure. Now you can see where it’s all going, right?

Egyptian Pyramids

Geometry of Pyramid

The power of pyramids comes from the combination of sacred numbers 4 and 3.

Number 4 gives groundedness and density. Number 3 brings dynamism with its purifying fire.

Triangle with its Fire is able to mitigate the natural deficiency of Matter (Square) and at this point magic may take place...

The alchemy of matter or a quest for the philosopher's stone can be seen as the process of bringing the dynamism of fire deep into matter in order to permeate and transform this inanimate substance with Spirit.

Role of Square in Art, Design and Jewellery

As much as squares are stable and reliable, in their pure form they have little value in the context of art, architecture and design. Squares are utterly static and outright boring. To mitigate this natural issue we need to welcome the dynamism of Triangle that rests on the Fire principle.

Triangles in architecture

That is why in visual arts it is common to combine squares with triangles thus creating intricate patterns that are both solid and dynamic.

Jewellery designs based on rectangular shapes represent stability and create a sense of equality and conformity.

It’s no surprise that square-based designs are often used for men’s jewellery. However, women should not underestimate benefits of this shape when it comes to particular situations. Let’s say you have an important business meeting or a job interview. You want to look like a reliable expert with a sharp mind and attention to detail. Then try wearing minimal geometric jewellery based on square and rectangular shapes.

The subconscious message you are sending to others is “I know what I am doing. You can trust me. I have expertise and great attention to detail.”

A good example would be our Magic Quad and Enigma collections; they will speak out your confidence, independence and sense of style.

Magic Quad necklace with Onyx gemstone, Gems In Style Jewellery

Magic Quad reversible necklace with Onyx gemstone

Magic Quad necklaces by Gems In Style Jewellery

Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness.

Triangle – the Power of Your Consciousness

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