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Calming the mind

In 1868 gypsum miners in Nova Scotia, Canada were confronted by a mineral much harder than gypsum, it appeared to be Howlite. Previously unknown white gemstone with grey veins and opaque lustre was named after chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How, who researched and classified this wonderful new mineral.  

Because of its comparatively recent discovery, Howlite doesn’t have a very rich history as other famous stones known from ancient times. However, Howlite becomes more and more popular and highly valued for its unique beauty and properties. What makes us appreciate Howlite today?

The first reason is very simple – native white gem with grey matrix looks classy, organically compliments any colour and goes well with any outfit. Similar to marble in interior design, Howlite in jewellery effortlessly delivers elegant style and sophistication. But there is another, much deeper reason why we feel attracted to this gem. Howlite is associated with Crown chakra (mind and thoughts) and known for its ability to calm overactive mind and release stresses of all kinds, bring self-awareness and clarity. Well, honestly who doesn’t need it these days?

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