Gemstone | Pink Opal

Joy in your Heart

Pink Opal is a very special gem with delicate and youthful charm. Try for yourself – simply look through its milky peachy-pink opalescence and feel the joy landing into your heart in a matter of seconds.

As per geologists, opals formed many million years ago as a combination of silica and water that flowed into the Earth cracks and hardened with time. As a result, opals contain 5-20% of water captured in submicroscopic pores of silica. It takes about 5 to 6 million years to make a 1 cm opal to mature. In 2011 Pink Opals were found in Western Australia, until then the only source of this gem has been found in Peru.

In many cultures, Pink Opal has always been associated with the Heart centre (chakra) and regarded as the ‘Stone of Hope’ and ‘Stone of Love’. It is believed to hold the most powerful harmonising energy helpful in all heart-related matters. Soft and peaceful vibrations of the gem facilitate emotional healing, bringing the energy of renewal, hope and optimism.

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