Celestial Dialectic #1: Sun–Moon & Gold–Silver

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Golden hand, sun and moon

Social success vs romantic relationship, stability vs adaptability, determination vs intuition, leadership vs receptivity… Masculine Projective Sun energy vs feminine Receptive Moon vibrations. Do we really have to choose?

In human history as well as in the domain of inner alchemy there are four very significant metals — gold, silver, copper and iron.

Humanity has intimately known and used them since ancient times because people were able to extract these elements from Mother Earth with bare hands and simple tools.

Since at least ancient Babylonian times, these four metals were considered to be the metaphysical representations of the four celestial bodies closest to our own planet — the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mars.

The four metals and corresponding planets and energies*:

Gold — the Sun* – projective

Silver — the Moon* – receptive

Copper — Venus – receptive

Iron — Mars – projective

*Keep in mind that the ancients viewed the Sun and Moon as planets.

Solar System

These metals are the essences of particular Astral Forces, the manifestation of universal archetypes and their powers that actively interact with our consciousness and affect our well-being in profound ways.

Did you also notice that the list contains the most profound polarities? 

The Sun energy is the opposite of the Moon and Mars opposes Venus.

Planetary Forces

Regardless of our gender the right balance of these polarities in our energetic makeup is essential. It defines our ability to give and receive, to achieve and manifest abundance in life in a way that is meaningful to each of us.

Let’s have a close look at this metal-matter… We are going to explore fascinating Sun–Moon and Mars–Venus dialectics and discover how they can help us to enhance our life performance  — career, relationships and overall sense of well-being — by balancing and activating their Projective and Receptive energies.

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Pictograms – Planetary Symbols

Astrology PictogramsFrom the famous esoteric adage of “As above, so below” we know that certain lofty archetypes manifest themselves in the sky as celestial bodies and on the Earth as metals.

Planets and related metals have the same energetic makeup as they tap from the same archetype. That is why both alchemists and astrologers used the same pictograms to describe both planet and its associated metal. Each pictogram thus holds deep esoteric symbolism.

Astrological Dialectics

Gold – the metal of the Sun

Gold is a very-very-VERY special metal… It is hard to overestimate its spiritual significance throughout the history of humankind. Since the dawn of civilisation, Gold has been regarded as a symbol of God, power and majesty and widely used in rituals across different spiritual traditions: sacred images and altars were decorated with gold, offering to the deities used gold to project precious energies of magic rituals.

Golden objects

“There is no doubt that in the very substance of the gold itself there is contained the power that so influences mankind. It is not merely the attractive colour nor the indestructibility of gold that has made it so great an object of desire; something else is at work here.

Gold is radiant, it contains within itself a hidden, sun-like power that radiates in all directions. The power works in a mysterious way upon the soul, but that it affects the body as well is indicated in the gold-therapy used in the Middle Ages, and also in our own time when the healing virtues of gold are again being recognised.”  – An Austrian philosopher and one of the pioneers of anthroposophy, Dr. Walter Johannes Stein, “Gold in History and in Modern Times”, 1932 

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Gold is regarded as the metal of the Sun not just for its physical appearance… Gold exhibits unmistakable warmth and radiance which reminds us of the Sun. But this is a consequence, not the reason of this esoteric association.

On Earth – the world of matter – Gold is the purest physical manifestation of the Sun archetype. It is a rare noble metal resistant to corrosion and most other chemical reactions, which is why it is so valuable for fine jewellery. Naturally, gold has been regarded as the highest of the metals by the alchemists.

Sun Archetype and Spirit

Sun and Life

The Sun - Giver of Life

An Alpha-Power, a total rulership in our Solar system belongs to the Sun – the star that governs all planets and holds everything together.

The Sun represents the principle of unity and centrality. Our planet as well as the rest of the Solar system only exists as long as the Sun exists.

Notice, that Spirit does just the same to us – our body is alive as long as our Spirit resides in it. Your Spirit, aka Higher-Self, is your personal Sun – the immortal part of your human existence that holds everything together.

The Sun-Spirit is the giver of life, light and energy. The more you can tap from this source the better...

Sunflowers and a Woman

Your Personal Sun

The ability to channel from your personal Sun (or Higher Self) defines your success in this life.

These are psychological features you can detect in someone who is well connected to their Sun:

  • Sense of purpose and healthy ambitions
  • Self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Leadership skills and authority
  • Determination and stability
  • Dignity and generosity
  • Joy, sincerity and enthusiasm
Gold and a Man

    How it works...

    If you feel your personal Sun requires a boost because you lack some of the qualities mentioned above, Gold is your metal of choice to wear, to tune in and to consciously reconnect with its qualities.

    Gold as a metal is a physical bridge with your metaphysical spiritual dimension. This direct line allows you to connect with your own power-house, gain a strong sense of Self and hold onto it! As a result, you know what you really want and how to get there. You are able to project your awesomeness in a social context, be noticed and acknowledged by others. Just like with the Sun, people want to be around you and enjoy your warming radiance.

    Sun-Moon dialectic

    What if...

    What happens when someone has an afflicted Sun?

    This kind of imbalance brings certain pitfalls like selfishness, dictatorial and despotic tendencies, arrogance and anger. If that’s the case, look up to the Moon archetype and Silver. You need to balance the masculine Projective energy of the Sun with the feminine Receptive energy of the Moon.

    Silver – the metal of the Moon

    SilverSilver is a shiny noble metal of the highest reflectivity and conductivity, both electrically and thermally. Silver has exceptional antimicrobial properties and since ancient times has been used to heal wounds and preserve substances.

    Natural gemstones set in silver become more powerful. Silver jewellery is more than just an adornment, it’s a powerful amulet that cleanses your energy and bounces back any negativity. Why so?

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    In the physical world the Moon receives and reflects the light of the Sun. Similarly, it is responsible for creating receptive and reflective spaces within you. Contemplating the moonlight may put you in touch with your intuition, calm your emotions, distress and cleanse your energy.

    Silver as a metal perfectly mirrors the soothing and cooling energy of the Moon and its harmonising and protective properties.

    Moon Archetype and Nurturing Principle of Life

    The Moon Power

    The Moon – Builder of Form

    As the masculine Projective Sun guides the Spirit, so the feminine Receptive Moon rules over Form.

    The Moon archetype represents the nurturing Mother principle responsible for multiplication and reproduction, growth and rejuvenation. The Moon is the builder of the physical body – the vehicle in which Spirit incarnates. It is the agent of life – the nourisher of the life force in your physical body.

    The Moon rules imagination, inspires creativity and puts you in touch with your sensuality and intuition.

    Your Personal Moon

    The MoonThe ability to connect with your sensual self, your imagination, receptivity, adaptability and intuition are the signs that you are in touch with your Moon – rich and nurturing energy that comforts and rejuvenates your mind and body.

    If you enjoy looking after kids or animals and very enthusiastic about cooking – it's your Moon expresses its values.

    How it works...

    • If you are stressed more often than it’s reasonable,
    • tend to overthink and overanalyse,
    • having difficulties with romantic relationships,
    • lacking emotional connection with other people (you are a sociopath and it actually bothers you)

    Then you need to re-connect with the Moon archetype. Silver may help you get in touch with the Moon energy and its fluid creative and nurturing nature.

    Try to use these two powerful ingredients  – put on your favourite silver jewellery and enjoy moonlight somewhere close to a river, lake or the ocean watching the Moon – Full Moon is the best. Then see – or better feel – what happens...You will have a direct and rich experience on what the Moon archetype is all about.

    Let the Moon inbecome this Moon. Let its nurturing energy merge with your energy... really feel it and take it with you. And we promise, you will want more of it

    ...because the Moon knows its job and does it well!

    Many and the Moon

    What if…

    What if you qualify yourself as “actively disorganised”?

    • Chaos is your best friend and you are not okay with that any longer.
    • You need changes but all your energy goes into talking about it rather than doing something.
    • Your home, as well as your life, looks super messy – at least this is what your friends or parents tell you all the time. 

    These are some of the other traits of people with troubled Moon:

    • Being overprotective with your kids, can’t let go of them once they grow up.
    • Moodiness, dreaminess, being constantly late.
    • Lack of self-confidence and reliance on somebody’s opinion but not yours.
    • Low vitality, tiredness.
    • Over indulgence with food and sensual pleasure.
    • Lack of general direction and consistency in word and action. 

    As you may guess, the remedy in all these cases is the Sun – constant effort in order to reconnect with celestial archetype, engage in action and awaken your Higher-Self. Gold as a metal may become your trusted guide – allow yourself to be led by this warm and radiant metal of the Sun.

    In the Part #2 of this article (coming soon...) we are going to discuss the Venus–Mars dialectic and how “to get things done” utilising the energies of Planetary metals – Copper and Iron.

    Stay tuned and don't forget to harmonise your Sun–Moon relationship with Gold and Silver.

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    Lara Gems
    Lara Gems

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    Hi Drew!
    It’s all about good balance. Gold and Silver come to play their role in our life and if we know how to harness their energy we can work out our own balance.


    August 11, 2021

    Interesting also offers an excellent xplanation of why have not felt comfortable wearing gold
    And hvw always had all preference for silver & recently copper

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