Gemstones and Future of Space Travel

by Lara Gems May 03, 2019

Gems in Space

Crystals, chakras and space travel… how does it come together and what can we learn about them, right now?

When we talk about relationships between planetary forces or archetypes and the physical world, gemstones can give us several extremely powerful insights.

Gemstones and Astrological Archetypes

The mystery of the minerals lies in their direct connection to the celestial archetypes. Through their purity the minerals manifest those archetypes in matter, on Earth.

Previously we have looked at the connection between the Larimar gemstone and Neptune-Uranus energies. We also looked at Silver and the Moon reflective principle, Pink Opal and the Venus-Moon planetary symbiosis. We discovered the mysteries of Onyx and the Underworld ruled by Pluto, and Rutilated Quartz that taps from the direct nature of Sun-Mars energies.

Space TravelNow let me take a somewhat unexpected and futuristic direction and explore how crystals can help connect us back to the energy of the Earth, and why they may be so crucial for the future of mankind.

Managing Chakras Away From the Earth

Imagine the future… the time of tremendously long and tediously protracted voyages outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Humanity will be exploring distant worlds while living in space stations for years, decades or maybe even for entire lives… How would that feel when there is no solid ground under your feet? And will this solid ground of Mother Earth even exist or be liveable by then?

Chakras and Amethyst gemstone Apart from the many challenges we will face during space travel, there is one particular aspect that will be taxing for our well-being. The challenge of managing energy centres of our body — our chakras.

Chakras are intimately connected with the Earth. They are direct gateways to the origins of this planet and tap from the richness of Life on Earth. Being far away from Mother Earth will make it difficult to sustain and recharge our chakras. And this is when amazingly powerful gemstone batteries may come to our rescue — the magic of crystals! Why so?

Charged with the energy of our Planet, packed with mesmerising beauty: minerals are the alchemical essence of the Earth. They take almost no space — which will always be precious on spacecraft — and will help us reconnect and rebalance our well-being.

Precious Gift From Mother Earth

Labradorite and Citrine gemstonesJust like us, gems are born and raised on Earth. They will help us ground our energy when there is literally no solid ground. They will hold our heart when it feels like there is no hope and clear our mind when it has to stay sharp and focused no matter what. And there is much much more…

Gemstones and crystals are designed to connect us to the energy of the Earth and its healing vibrations to find the resonance with forces of Life and rejuvenation within ourselves. That is why crystals have always been and will forever be our mighty companions on the Earth and way beyond…

I believe gemstones are the most precious gift of love from Mother Earth and we will take our most exceptional crystals with us whenever we travel into outer space. 

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Gemstones & Astrology: Black Onyx & Pluto.

Gemstones & Astrology: Black Onyx & Pluto

Labradorite – the Stone of Inner Light.

Labradorite – the Stone of Inner Light

Lara Gems
Lara Gems


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